As a network artist, I’m part of the online list communities, including IDC (List of the Institute for Distributed Creativity), Spectre (list for media art and culture in Europe), nettime (lists for networked cultures, politics, and tactics), empyre (soft_skinned_space). These lists contain years/tons/bytes/pixels of collective contributions and knowledge sharing data threaded by date, author and/or subject. These open archives of announcements or ongoing debates are both ephemeral and substantive. They are the legacy of our networked culture with its accumulated data debris that is to be re(dis)covered in the future by net archaeologists or post-net bomb-defusers. Composting the Net proposes a hopeful version of reprocess this toppled digital landfill. We Scrambe the texts, turn over the leaves, trust that there are some references or relevance to our digital existence. The net composted generates fresh sprouts that crack through the compost-enriched soil..

A project conceived by Shu Lea Cheang
Data compost programming: Roger Sennert

We accept proposals to compost your web archive.
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